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Tekdis offers a wide selection of all form factors of industrial computers and can build complete solutions to suit customer requirements. We have the experience and know how to select the correct storage, and communication modules (LTE, WLAN) and can license/image with operating systems prior to shipping. Some models have integrated Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) which can be used to connect to IP cameras or RFID readers. DIN rail mounting is also common as it allows easy mounting into cabinets and routing of cables. We have a range of displays including Open Frame Monitors with optional touch and LTE Gateways and Industrial Networking products. To find an Industrial Computing solution that best suits your requirements, get in touch with our team today.

Industrial Computing
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  1. eBOX625-853-FL Fanless Embedded System with Celeron N3160
    eBOX625-853-FL Fanless Embedded System with Celeron N3160

    Fanless Embedded System with Intel Celeron Processor N3160, VGA, HDMI, 4 COM, 2 GbE LANs, 4 USB, and 2 PCI Express Mini Card Slots

    Key Features:

    • Intel Celeron processor N3160 2.24 GHz (Braswell)
    • HDMI and VGA with dual-view supported
    • Supports 4 COM and 4 USB
    • 2 GbE LAN supporting WoL, Teaming, and PXE
    • 2 PCI Express Mini Card slots for WLAN/WWAN/mSATA
    • -20°C to +60°C operating temperature range
    • Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT-x)
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Industrial Computing Solutions

Every industry relies on industrial computing for a variety of uses. From automation to machine vision to digital signage to emergency service fleets, industrial computers offer reliability and long-term availability. Some of the most common industrial computing solutions include systems on modules (SOMs), motherboards, embedded box computers, and rack mount computers.

At Tekdis, we offer a wide selection of industrial computers to fit a variety of needs. Building complete solutions to fit customer requirements, we know how to choose the best storage, communication modules, and licensing for operating systems so that you find the best computing solution for your business.

With Tekdis products, you can:

  • Enjoy models with power-over-ethernet to connect IP cameras or RFID readers
  • Utilise DIN rail mounting options for mounting into cabinets and routing cables
  • Integrate the latest AI processing to stay up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Choose from a range of displays, including open frame monitors, LTE gateways, and industrial networking products

No matter what industry you’re in, you need quality industrial computing solutions. We know that everyone’s needs are different, and we are prepared to find the perfect technology for your purposes. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can offer solutions to fit your exact requirements.

Embedded Computers/PCs

In the broadest definition, embedded computers or personal computers refer to any computer that uses hardware and software to perform a very particular function. They are designed to fill a specific purpose. These computers are very reliable and work with a variety of applications for convenience and utility.

You can find these kinds of microprocessors or microcontroller-based systems in many of your everyday items: calculators, cell phones, cameras, vending machines, cars, even your coffee pot. Because they are designed to complete one specific task, these computers are stripped-down, slim, and lightweight. Compare this to the desktop computer which performs innumerable functions but also takes up much more space.

You can identify embedded computers with four characteristics:

  1. Small Form-Factor. Space efficiency is a priority when designing embedded computers since they often need to fit into small devices.
  2. Lower Power Components. With power-efficient processors and low thermal design power, there is no need for bulky cooling components.
  3. Minimal Upgradeability/Expansion. Embedded computers are designed for a specific task, so there isn’t much room for upgrading/altering their performance.
  4. Low Hardware Cost. The simplistic design makes for low-costs manufacturing.

Embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs)

Available in a range of form factors with CPU and IO options, embedded single board computers (SCBs) are useful for many applications. Options include PICO, ATX, COM Express, SMARC, Q7-sized systems on modules, and more.

Plug COM Express, SMARC, and Q7-sized systems on modules into a carrier board with the high-density connector and the board will provide the IO. Also, use the PCMG for backplane-based designs in rack systems.

Types of CPU


Featuring fewer transistors, ARM-based CPUs are low-cost, consume less power, and create less heat. Because of these features, they are lightweight, portable, and great for battery-powered devices. Tekdis offers ARM-based modules and single-board computers that support both Linux and Android OS.


For complex graphic applications like gaming and digital signage, AMD offers high-performing GPU solutions. Nvidia is also a leading supplier of x86 CPUs and chipsets for robotics, advanced driver advisory systems, license plate recognition technology, and intelligent machines.


Intel Atom processors are ideal for small and compact computing needs, including smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled mobile devices. For next-level performance, Celeron and Pentium are great alternatives. They feature improved graphics but are still economical.


i3 processors have two cores and perform specific functions for targeted applications. Core i5 processors have four to six cores and are mid-tier processors. Core i7 has as many as eight cores and features the highest specs. The higher the number of cores, the higher the clock speed, which improves overall performance. i5 and i7 are used for more extensive processing, decoding, and graphics performance. While i3 and i5 require a Windows IOT Value license, i7 requires a high-end license.


Xeon processors are some of the highest quality in the industry. They have the most cores and the highest clock speeds as a result. This Intel brand of x86 microprocessor supports error-checking and correcting memory, perfect for non-consumer workstations, servers, and embedded applications.


Brands Used for Embedded PCS/Computers

Tekdis offers embedded computing boards from two manufacturers: Axiomtek and IEI Technology. These two manufacturers are some of the most respected in Taiwan.


Axiomtek was developed in 1990. Today, their innovative designs are recognised all over the world. For reliable, state-of-the-art computing solutions, there is no better supplier. They take great pride in their products and it shows. As the leading designer and manufacturer of industrial computers and embedded field, they offer a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Embedded board
  • System on module
  • Single board computer
  • Embedded system
  • Industrial barebone
  • Network appliance
  • Touch panel computer
  • Human-machine interface
  • Medical PC
  • Industrial network
  • Digital signage

IEI Technology

Ideal for computer-based applications, IEI technology works in alliance with Intel, Microsoft, and Amazon to offer a variety of devices, systems, applications, and more to the industrial computing industry. They strive to make advanced technology convenient and easy to use for all. IEI Technology products can be used for computer-based applications such as:

  • Factory automation
  • Computer telephony integration
  • Networking appliances
  • Security
  • Systems

It is also popular in fields like:

  • rtificial intelligence
  • The internet of things
  • National defense
  • Emergency services
  • Transportation
  • Communication base stations
  • Medical instruments.


Features of Embedded PCS/Computers

8th/9th GEN CPU

Enjoy the highest clock speeds from core series embedded motherboards in 8th and 9th generation CPUs. These are offered in many i3, i5, and i7 models and have the highest clock speeds available.

9~36VDC Vehicle Use

9~36VDC are the most common embedded PC for automotive and industrial installs because of their wide input voltage. This feature is necessary for mobile applications and in battery-backed environments.

NVidia GPU

When it comes to embedded AI processors, there is no better supplier than Nvidia. From the NANO to TX2 to Xavier models, Nvidia GPUs are widely popular for robotics, advanced driver advisory systems, license plate recognition, and intelligence machines. AI processing ranges include 1050, 1080, RTX2080, Tesla, and Quadro models.

AI Processing

With artificial intelligence (AI) continually being integrated into everyday life, Tekdis offers a variety of Nvidia AI hardware to fit your needs. AI requires FPU/GPU to make efficient calculations and human-like decisions. Utilise AI for applications like machine learning, license plate recognition, advanced driver assistance systems, driverless vehicles, and robotics.


In an industrial setting where excessive dust and dirt circulate through the air, fanless PCs are essential. Instead of using cooling fans, heat is conducted through the case or through the airflow over the machine. This protects the machine from dust, prolonging its life, and it also makes for silent operation. Tekdis has a growing offering of fanless options that are great for digital signage, industrial automation, mobile computing, and medical applications.

IP67 Rated

Dustproof and water-resistant, IP67 is a must if your industrial computers are exposed to excessive dust or water. This is ideal for abattoirs, mining, military, and traffic control. No dust will enter into the machine, and it can be immersed in a meter of water for 30 minutes without damage.


In terms of mounting methods and form factors, the Box PC is the most commonly used format. Box PCs are great for just about any application, including but not limited to cabinet enclosures, vehicles, digital signage displays, and other industrial applications.

CAN module

Controller area network (CAN) allows communication between microcontroller and devices. Popular for automotive and robotics applications, Tekdis offers mPCIe, M.2, and PCIe CAN bus controller cards. Use these modules to run J1938 and OBD II. It can also run along with host drivers that conform to OPENCAN and SocketCAN.

1U Rack

The 1U rack allows for the installation of single expansion cards. A rack unit is defined as 1.75 inches wide. Use a Tekdis 1U rack chassis for a variety of backplanes and processor cards.

2U Rack

Like the 1U rack, the 2U rack allows for the installation of single expansion cards. While a 1U measures 1.75 inches wide, the 2U measures 3.5 inches wide. Use a Tekdis 2U rack chassis for a variety of backplanes and processor cards.

4U Rack

Like the 1U rack, the 4U rack allows for the installation of single expansion cards. While a 1U measures 1.75 inches wide, the 4U measures 5.25 inches wide. Use a Tekdis 4U rack chassis for a variety of backplanes and processor cards.