LCD Displays

Tekdis LLC offer a range of industrial grade LCDs designed to operate in harsh conditions for many years. Ranging in size from 3.5” to 108” and in speciality shapes including ultra-wide, square and round formats we have a display for every application.

For longevity of support and high reliability Tekdis LLC focuses on Mitsubishi Panels which have been deployed in industrial, medical, automotive, agricultural and emergency service application. We also offer AU Optronics and BOE for digital signage, gaming and POS/retail.

To compliment these we can configure complete solutions including driver boards, touch panels, controllers and metalwork to provide a turnkey install.

Selecting the right LCD means understanding the application and install environment – size, brightness, resolution, viewing angle, orientation, operating temperature and vibration rating are all critical.

If you need assistance to find an LCD Display that best suits your requirements, get in touch with our team today.

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  1. LK315T3LA24

    Industrial colour LCD Module, 31.5” WXGA

  2. LK645D3LZ29

    Industrial colour LCD Module, 64.5”

  3. DV860FBM-N10 86" TFT-LCD Stretch Panel
    DV860FBM-N10 86" TFT-LCD Stretch Panel

     Key Features:

    • V by one interface with 8 lanes
    • High-speed response
    • Low colour shift image quality
    • 8-bit + FRC colour depth, display 1.07G colours
    • High luminance and contrast ratio, low reflection and wide viewing angle
    • GOA mode
    • ADS technology is applied for high-display quality
    • RoHS-compliant

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