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Tekdis, a renowned name in the tech industry, presents a robust line of industrial monitors and touch screen displays specifically designed to withstand challenging environments. Our touch screen displays stand out for their intuitive design and user-friendly interface. Incorporating the latest touch technology, they deliver swift and accurate touch responses, enhancing operational efficiency. The screens are built to resist dust, water, and other harsh elements often encountered in industrial settings. The combination of these monitors and touch screens can drastically improve the productivity and performance of various operations, from manufacturing to quality control. With Tekdis LLC, you get technology that's not just advanced, but also reliable and tailor-made for the industry.


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What is an industrial monitor?


Industrial monitors are strong, specialized computer displays that have been specifically designed for demanding industrial environments that are often built with robust components, such as stainless steel, polycarbonate and industrial grade plastics. Industrial display monitors are typically tailored with rugged touch screen monitors, fanless cooling systems, and other other features that have been designed to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, and exposure to dust or liquids. Industrial touchscreen monitors feature versatile touchscreen technology that can enable intuitive user interaction for tasks like machine control and sensor data monitoring. Offering a wide operating temperature range which allows them to function effectively in diverse industrial climates, industrial monitors also come with enhanced shock and vibration resistance, which can help ensure stability in any environment with mechanical stress. On top of this, industrial computers generally have modular designs for easy maintenance and upgrades, and they come with multiple I/O ports to accommodate various peripherals.

With a graphical user interface, industrial touchscreen monitors facilitate tasks such as machine operation, viewing sensor data, and interacting with ERP software. Equipped with multiple I/Os including VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort, these rugged displays ensure seamless integration with your system. While these industrial displays can be connected to any computer, they are commonly paired with an embedded box PC. Alternatively, they can be linked to an all-in-one panel computer, serving as either a cloned display or a dual-screen monitor.

These strong but remarkably versatile industrial monitors are adaptable to various industrial environments. Featuring flexible mounting, compatibility with industrial computers, and multiple I/O ports, their graphical user interface improves operational efficiency, and their reliability reduces downtime, establishing industrial touchscreen monitors as essential tools in a wide variety of workplaces, including the most challenging industrial workplace settings.


Features of Tekdis’ Industrial Display Monitors


LCD Display - An LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a flat-panel display technology found in industrial monitors, offering vivid visuals, exceptional clarity, and accurate color reproduction. Renowned for energy efficiency, LCD displays are favored in industrial settings for their robustness and reliability.

Stainless Steel Display - A stainless steel display features a casing or frame constructed from stainless steel, chosen for its resilience to corrosion and durability in challenging environments. Ideal for industries requiring cleanliness and resistance to harsh conditions, stainless steel displays are well-suited for demanding applications.

USB Resistive Touch Screen - A touch-sensitive display utilizing USB resistive touch screen technology is commonly integrated into industrial monitors to bolster their robustness and longevity. This technology employs two layers that make contact upon touch, registering user input. With USB connectivity for seamless integration, resistive touch screens are valued for their durability, versatility, and compatibility with a range of industrial applications.


Types of Industrial Display Monitors


Industrial IP65 Monitor

The Industrial IP65 Monitor stands out as a popular premium display, often chosen for outdoor applications and widely embraced for embedded uses. Its robust design encompasses a sturdy front metal frame with an IP65 rating, ensuring protection against dust ingress and low-pressure water jets from any direction. The monitor boasts an anti-rust chassis, a sleek narrow bezel design, and a touchscreen featuring tempered smudge-resistant protective glass. The display technology comprises an LCD panel with an LED backlight, and for outdoor applications, anti-reflective treatments and ultra-brightness solutions may be integrated. The versatile interfaces supported include VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Available in 15” and 19” sizes, the Industrial IP65 Monitor combines durability with cutting-edge features to meet diverse industrial display needs.

Open Frame Monitor

Named for their slender open frame structures, these monitors are designed with integrated brackets for simplified installation, offering the flexibility of rear mount or VESA mount configurations. Key features of these monitors include a resistive touchscreen interface, compatibility with VGA and DVI signals (with optional HDMI in certain models), TFT LCD panels equipped with power-saving LED backlight technology, and brightness adjustment for optimal outdoor visibility. Available in sizes ranging from 6.5” to 21.5”, open frame monitors find ideal applications in kiosks, ATMs, and various industrial display systems, where their versatile design and feature set cater to diverse needs.

Panel Mount Touch Screen Display

The panel mount monitor, a variant of industrial display equipment, seamlessly fits into an aperture or hole and can be affixed onto a panel through VESA, rear, or front mounting options. Shielded by protective tempered glass against dust and liquids, this monitor accommodates various touch screen technologies, including resistive and capacitive (Projected Capacitive Touch/PCAP). Additional features encompass VGA and DVI signal interfaces (with HDMI support in larger models), an integrated bracket, an LCD panel with LED backlight, and an anti-reflective surface for enhanced readability in sunlight. Spanning sizes from 6.5” to 21.5”, panel mount monitors prove beneficial for applications requiring an embedded screen solution in industrial settings.

Flush Touch Monitors

Featuring flat glass screens and slim profiles, flush touch monitors, rank among the lightest industrial display systems. The flat glass surface not only contributes to their sleek appearance but also facilitates effortless cleaning and maintenance. Deviating from the standard industrial system monitor screens, flush touch monitors boast features such as rugged glass with smooth rounded corners, LED backlighting coupled with a TFT LCD panel, wide-view angles for both portrait and landscape orientations, and optional bezels. Supporting interfaces like VGA, DVI, or HDMI, these monitors utilize 10-point multi-touch systems with projected capacitive touch screen technology. With sizes available up to 32 inches, flush touch monitors are well-suited for modern office spaces and business establishments, offering a contemporary aesthetic and user-friendly design.

Industrial Display Kit

The industrial display kit is a product bundle that offers a lot of versatility. A typical bundle will include the display screen, a controller, and any necessary cables needed for seamless installation. These kits offer a range of screen sizes, starting from approximately 5.7 inches and extending up to 21.5 inches. General specifications include support for multiple interfaces such as DVI, VGA, DP, and LVDS, optional touch screen functionality utilizing projected capacitive or touch resistive technologies, anti-reflective surface treatment, TFT-LCD display panels with LED backlighting, brightness adjustments, and the availability of an optional remote control. Industrial display kits find versatile applications across manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, energy, transportation, healthcare, mining, food and beverage, retail, educational sectors, medical use (including ultrasounds), and data display in various workplaces and environments.

Industrial PC monitors

Industrial PC monitors are durable displays crafted for demanding environments, featuring robust components designed to endure extreme temperatures, liquids, vibrations, and dust. These monitors include high-quality LCD panels, energy-efficient LED backlighting, and diverse touch screen technologies for user interaction. Integrated with industrial computers, they assure workplace efficiency seamlessly align with a diverse range of applications across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Fully-Configurable Display Solutions

Many industrial display system manufacturers provide tailored solutions, allowing clients to fully customize monitors to address specific industry needs not met by standard types. Offering over 30 screen sizes in TFT-LCD monitors, clients can opt for either touch or non-touch displays based on their requirements. Typically, open frame monitors are chosen for customized solutions due to their configuration flexibility, utilizing LCD panels with LED backlights. Various aspects, including brightness adjustments, mechanical housing, viewing options, video inputs, touch screen technology, and mounting preferences, can be fully customized. These configurable display solutions are an ideal choice for businesses requiring a network of uniquely resilient screens to enhance their operational efficiency.

Digital Signage Displays

For effective digital out-of-home advertising that’s guaranteed to grab eyeballs, the go-to choice is more often than not the humble but hardworking digital signage display. Specifically designed for outdoor use, these industrial display systems boast highly durable screens and display panels. Key features of digital signage displays will often include TFT-LCD screen panels with energy-efficient LED backlighting, high-resolution output support, built-in speakers, ultra-wide viewing angles, optional touch screen technology for interactive signage, and versatile signal interfaces such as HDMI, VGA, and DP. Depending on the model, users may be able to opt for portrait or landscape orientations, and most digital signages will allow for convenient wall-mounting, with many coming with flexible stand bases.




Industrial monitors provide a rugged but adaptable solution that’s been specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the most demanding industrial environments. Industrial monitors are frequently used in industries such as the following;

Automation - In automation, industrial monitors serve as interfaces for monitoring and controlling automated processes. They display real-time data, allow operators to input commands, and provide visual feedback on the status of machinery and systems, contributing to efficient and precise automation.

Control Cabinets - Industrial monitors integrated into control cabinets provide a centralized platform for monitoring and managing various control systems. They offer operators a clear view of critical data, alarms, and control parameters, enabling effective control and quick responses to changes or issues.

Integration onto OEM Machines - Industrial monitors integrated onto Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) machines act as human-machine interfaces (HMIs). They enable operators to interact with the machine, monitor performance, input commands, and troubleshoot issues, enhancing the overall functionality and user experience of the equipment.

Deployment in Manufacturing Environments - In manufacturing environments, industrial monitors are deployed across production lines for tasks such as quality control, process monitoring, and data visualization. They provide real-time feedback on manufacturing processes, assist in maintaining production efficiency, and contribute to the overall optimization of manufacturing operations.

These are just some of the many industries that utilize industrial monitors, but there are countless more, and you will likely find industrial monitors in any workplace that’s in and around industrial workplace settings.