900MHz ISM - Transceiver & Wireless Modules

Tekdis offers a range of 900MHz ISM Transceiver & Wireless Modules that are perfect for industrial computing and automation applications. Our wireless modules are designed to make development and evaluation easy, with high throughput and ultra-low power consumption for efficient operation. Our 900MHz ISM modules also offer long-range capability, making them perfect for applications where communication over long distances is necessary. Our radio modules and transceivers ensure data integrity and reliability, providing a secure and stable communication link between devices. Whether you need to monitor equipment performance, transmit data, or control machinery, Tekdis products offer the performance, reliability, and ease of use you need to get the job done. Contcat us today.

900MHz ISM

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  1. SDK-AC4x90 Dev Kit
    SDK-AC4x90 Dev Kit

    Dev kit for AC4x90 modules. Includes 2 x boards with modules+antennas and cables. Makes development/evaluation easy.

  2. LT1110

    915 MHz Wireless Module

  3. Laird Config Tutorial-Utility
    Laird Config Tutorial-Utility

    Step by Step guide on how to do basic pairing and testing of 900MHz and 2.4GHz products.

    Includes Link to Development Tool Software

  4. CL4790

    Industrial 900MHz ConnexLink

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