Mobile Carts

Medical carts were introduced in hospitals for point of care treatments so nurses and doctors can have the mobility required to bring treatments to patients where needed, whether in emergency rooms, treatment rooms, or immobilized patient rooms. Some common medical carts seen in healthcare facilities include mobile respiratory carts for respiratory care, nursing supply carts for nurses to administer treatments, ultrasound carts for ultrasound therapy, crash carts for emergency treatments, treatment carts carrying medical supplies and medications. Tekdis can offer both powered and unpowered carts and accessories including keyboards, mice, charging stations, draws, etc.

Mobile Carts

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  1. Ceiling Mounting Arm
    Ceiling Mounting Arm

    The lightweight ceiling mounting arm utilises an overhead position and a central axis to provide a wide rotational span.

  2. Adjustable Desk Stand
    Adjustable Desk Stand

    The adjustable desk stand utilises integrated cabling to assist in infection control and adjustability to suit a vast range of monitors and panel PCs.

  3. Short Reach Arm
    Short Reach Arm

    The short reach arm is an adjustable modular medical arm supporting a variety of monitors and touch screen PCs.

  4. Long Reach Articulating Arm
    Long Reach Articulating Arm

    A flexible, long reach articulating arm developed for medical monitors and panel PCs.

  5. Lightweight Mounting Arm
    Lightweight Mounting Arm

    Low weight bearing, lightweight mounting arm designed for medical PCs.

  6. LT-Cart - Laptop Cart
    LT-Cart - Laptop Cart

    Internal housing laptop workshop cart

  7. Novos Arms
    Novos Arms

    Mounting Arm Application

  8. Power on Pole
    Power on Pole

    Geni-Tec Power on Pole solution

  9. Geni Stand - Powered Medical Cart
    Geni Stand - Powered Medical Cart

    Computer Monitor Application Powered Cart

  10. Eco Stand
    Eco Stand

    Rolling Medical Device Stand

14 Items

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