Sierra XR Series

Sierra XR Series

The NEW Sierra XR Series - the World’s Most Advanced Routers!

Tekdis is thrilled to announce the NEW Sierra XR series – Supercharged 5G Gateways, which offers ALMS OOBM (Out of Band Management) via an independent LPWA network.

The XR Series Solutions is perfect for business-critical applications that require 5G performance and end-to-end security.


Award-winning, reliable, and high-performing Sierra XR Series 5G Routers
Sierra Wireless is the world’s leading IoT solutions provider, building innovative wireless solutions and empowering industries and businesses to transform and thrive in the connected economy. The two newly introduced routers, XR90 and XR80 with speeds of 1.2 Gbps, in the XR Series Solutions, offer industry-leading, supercharged 5G performance.


The high-speed XR Series Routers allow customers to take advantage of the higher data speeds and lower latency of 5G, required for real-time voice communications and video streaming in high performance business-critical 5G applications. The XR Series Solutions, whether used for mobile applications or primary, temporary, or backup fixed wireless connectivity, deliver the full performance of 5G across any network, be it 5G, Wi-Fi 6, or Ethernet.

The XR Series solution

Airlink XR90

Airlink XR90

The Airlink XR90 is a multi-network vehicle router for transit, rail, and first responder fleets, designed to provide 5G high-performance. This supercharged router is purpose-built for public safety and transit with single/dual 5G cellular radios and dual independent 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6.

The XR90 Router delivers secure always-on Vehicle Area Networks (VANS) for vehicles like buses/transit, fire, utilities, law enforcement, ambulance/EMS, and private networking. It is an out-of-the-box solution with integrated device management, advanced mobility reporting, and 24/7 technical support.

Top Features of Airlink XR90:

  • Industry certified
  • Supports two expansion cartridges
  • Supports Cellular Connectivity
  • Assisted GNSS and integrated vehicle telemetry via OBD-II/CAN
  • Dual 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth
  • Security features - secure boot and secure firmware update
  • Aluminum die-cast housing rated to IP64 and Mil-STD 810G
  • Interfaces - Max 5 Ethernet, Bluetooth


Benefits of Airlink XR90

  • Delivers 5G to high-end mobility applications
  • Supercharged & Purpose-built - designed for rugged mobile applications
  • Best-in-class advanced mobility reporting & analytics
  • Built to last & evolves with technology/needs
  • Ultimate dual Wi-Fi 6 - dual independent antennas


Airlink XR80

Airlink XR80

The supercharged Airlink XR80 is a 5G high-performance, multi-network router, optimized for fixed and mobile applications with single/dual 5G cellular radios and 5x4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6. It is specifically built for public safety, field service fleets, and mission-critical applications.


This router supports complete device-to-cloud security and reduces the total cost of ownership with ALMS OOBM via built-in LPWA network, delivering zero-touch configuration, reset to the factory over-the-air, and remote support regardless of the primary WAN connections.


Top Features of Airlink XR80:

  • Industry Certified
  • Supports one expansion cartridge
  • 5x4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6, Built-in 5G radio
  • Supports Cellular Connectivity
  • Security features - secure boot and secure firmware update
  • Assisted GNSS and integrated vehicle telemetry via OBD-II/CAN
  • Interfaces - Max 4 Ethernet / PTP
  • Aluminum die-cast housing rated to IP64 and Mil-STD 810G


Benefits of Airlink XR80

  • Delivers 5G to multiple industries
  • Consistent primary & backup internet connections
  • Advanced Mobility Reporting add-on
  • Simplified deployment & troubleshooting
  • Single antenna solution, resulting in a reduced footprint


Not Just a Router….but a Complete SOLUTION

 Not Just  a Router….but a Complete SOLUTION


Tekdis not just provides a router but a complete solution. With supercharged XR Routers, you get the following solutions:

  • Supercharged Management & Support through Airlink Management Service
  • Flexible optional add-ons like ALMS add-on Advanced Mobility Reporting (ARA)
  • Multi-network Panorama antennas for both XR90 and XR80 Routers.
  • Supercharged operating system - Airlink OS
  • Accessories and other options for your XR Routers

What makes Sierra XR Series solutions the world’s most advanced routers
The XR Series 5G Routers are supercharged, having ultimate speed and reliability with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Cognitive Wireless & supercharged services. Additionally, these 5G routers have flexible, Modular design, IPv6 support & flexible routing capabilities to customize & future-proof deployments. They are responsive with having a trusted edge-to-cloud security chain with crypto keys, secure boot, WPA3 & firmware updates.

Benefits include:

  • Initial zero-touch configuration via LPWA
  • Simplify initial deployment
  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Reduce downtime
  • Provide support remotely
  • Reset to factory over-the-air
  • Fix a misconfigured WAN link

Tekdis carries a broad range of LTE/5G gateways from Sierra Wireless which complement our Panorama antennas. To find out more, please contact Tekdis.