IG60 IoT Gateways

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IG60 IoT Gateways

Various configs: IG60-Serial, IG60-Serial-LTE, IG60-BLE654, IG60-BLE654-LTE

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Proprietary protocols, security concerns, high data costs, real-time requirements, and tough wireless conditions can pose serious threats to network connections, which is where we assist. Our IoT gateways connect your applications in different environments without compromising cost or security. We’ll make sure your devices provide edge intelligence to respond to real-world situations in real time.

Laird Linux Version: A rugged, open environment for your application, provided with our Linux build, hardware root of trust, and development tools. Based on our powerful 60 Series SOM.


AWS IoT Greengrass Version: Features our pre-configured AWS IoT Greengrass sandbox for your IoT applications! Enable just-in-time maintenance, capture sensor data and more for your legacy devices and Bluetooth sensors! 


Best-in-Class Wireless Performance - Full Bluetooth 5 and 802.11ac Wave 2 with 2x2 MIMO

Multiple Ways to Connect - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5, Ethernet,  USB

Chain of Trust - signed and secured at every layer to protect your device

Industry Leading Support - Global Tier 2 and FAE support for your application