AC4790 - 900MHz Transceiver

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900MHz Radio Module

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The high-performance AC4790 radio modules utilize Laird's masterless protocol, allowing each radio module to communicate with any other in-range radio module for true peer-to-peer operation. Using field-proven 900MHz FHSS technology that needs no additional site licensing*, AC4790s reject interference, enable co-located system operation, and ensure data integrity. The AC4790's protocol features a dynamic addressing scheme, that simplifies node-to-node communication. The radio module enables identification of the most efficient transmission path, so OEMs can design routing sequences that optimize the RF network. This makes the AC4790 ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications that must rely on smooth, constant data flow. Developer tools and comprehensive technical support are available to aid integration. 

Interface                                                                   20-pin mini connector

Frequency (software selectable)                         902-928 MHz (U.S)**

Sensitivity (adjustable)                                          -99 dB, -110dB

Dimensions                                                              (49 x 42 x 5 mm)

Serial interface data rate                                      Up to 115.2 Kbps