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  1. LSC-1102A

    Model Code: LSC-1102A

    - Dynamic IP Configuration
    - Server / Client Dual Modes
    - Built-in Security Control

  2. LSC-0101U

    Model Code: LSC-0101U

    - Connected Serial port type auto-identification
    - Fully compatible with the USB V1.0, V1.2, V2.0
    - Built-in RS-422/RS-485 Terminal Resister for Surge Protection

  3. IDS-2204

    Model Code: IDS-2204

    - Redundant Dual Ethernet Ports: Recovery time < 10ms
    - Switch Mode Supported
    - NAT-pass through

  4. IDS-2102

    Model Code: IDS-2102

    - Dual power Inputs by 12~48VDC
    - HTTPS and SSH function ensure security
    - Event warning by Syslog, E-mail, SNMP Trap, and Beeper

  5. IDS-2101F

    Model Code: IDS-2101F

    - Maximum Series Speed up to 460.8Kbps
    - Maximum Fiber Distance 2KM, 30KM, 60KM
    - Dual DC Inputs Power with Reverse Polarity Protection

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